Andre Makmur

Frontend Engineer

I build accessible, inclusive products and digital experiences for the web.


In June 2023, I successfully completed the Hacktiv8 Full Stack JavaScript program after four months of dedicated effort. From day one, I immersed myself in the world of coding and its endless possibilities.

As a junior frontend engineer, my passion lies in building innovative products and continuously enhancing my portfolio.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring my creativity through photography, cherishing moments with friends, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by hitting the gym regularly.


  1. Currently

    Front-End Developer on the Maverick Digital IT Development team for the banking channel.

    • mPaaS
    • react
    • Next.JS
  2. Jan 2023 — Dec 2023

    Generate financial reconciliation. Communicating with vendors for production. Calculating cost of production, budget on a monthly basis and yearly basis.

    • MS. Excel
    • MS. Powerpoint
    • Wordpress
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  4. Oct 2020 — Jan 2021

    Communicating between the company and clients to discuss reconciliation between both parties. Prepare reconciliation for clients on a monthly basis. 8-10 companies. Generate financial reconciliation between the company and clients.

    • MS. Excel
    • MS. Powerpoint
  5. Jan 2015 - Dec 2020

    Collaborated with other photographers and teams to work together and create to satisfy client needs. Maintaining the brand integrity of agencies.

    • Photoshop
    • Finalcut
    • Illustrator


  • The Framework - MOBILE

    A Simple mobile App using SwiftUI, list of apps available in - 2024

    • SwiftUI
    • Xcode
  • Weather App - MOBILE

    A Mobile App using SwiftUI - 2024

    • SwiftUI
    • Xcode
  • Art Gallery - WEB

    Web based art gallery - 2024

    • Vue.JS
    • daisyUI
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  • Flance - WEB

    A web based app for employer and job-seeker - 2023

    • Next.JS
    • Express
    • Solidity
  • Vocab Builder - WEB

    A web based game to learn new word based on description or meaning - 2023

    • Vue.JS
    • Express
    • NodeMailer
    • Tailwind CSS
  • Idea-Mobile - MOBILE

    A web based e-commerce app - 2023

    • React Native
    • Expo
    • Docker
    • GraphQL